GI produces a wide array of decorative items for numerous two-wheelers, four wheelers, and truck manufacturing companies. Injection molded trim parts can be transformed into high quality chrome plated, Gold Painted, Metalized, Crystal Dropped, Painted interior and exterior parts. These parts are used in décor and furnishing of automobile, at the same time, ensuring high quality to sustain the extreme weather and conditions.
We specialize in manufacturing high quality components including:
• Chrome and Gold Plated Emblems & Nameplates
• Gold Painted Emblems & Nameplates
• Metalized Nameplates and Badges
• Painted Side Covers, Cowls & Fenders
• Industrial Grade Stickers
• Polyurethane Decals (Doming) & Crystal Drop Logos
• Rear View Mirrors
• Cut to size Laminations & Wrap guards